Motovun: why visit Motovun in Istria

In the northern part of Istria is located one of the most famous and most attractive Istrian towns – Motovun, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and stands out as a familiar symbol of the Istrian inland.


Motovun has long been regarded as an attractive and popular tourist destination where you can visit many historical buildings, dominated by the Romanesque-Gothic bell tower from the 13th century which is located next to the St. Stephen ‘s Church from the 17th century. In the main square there is a Romanesque Municipal Palace, which is the largest secular building from this period in Istria, and the Hotel Kastel is located in the former palace of the family Polesini. In Motovun, ther are a number of events held each year , the most popular being the international “Motovun Film Festival”. This film festival is held in late July with the participating film artists from around the world. There are also several hot balloon events, due to its favorable micro-climate that allows flying (balloon) throughout the year. Motovun is the most famous white truffles location in the Motovun forest, which is located along the valley of the river Mirna. Istrian truffles are known as aphrodisiacs, and their season runs from September to January.

Opposite Motovun is the town of Oprtalj where traditionally from September to November “Days of truffles” are held. Motovun is also famous for its vineyards, the most popular varieties of wine are red Teran and the white Malvasia. In the surrounding area there are taverns and restaurants with rich gastronomic offer.