Lim Fjord: a trip to the Lim Fjord

Not far from Rovinj to the north of the Istrian peninsula there is a beautiful natural landscape – Lim Fjord or as many call it – Lim bay.

This is a part of this pristine nature that extends over 35 kilometers, from the coast to the heart of Istria – Pazin.
Lim Fjord on itself is 10 kilometers long, on both sides raise the steep hills and peaks in places as high as 100 meters. This is an oasis of calm and beautiful environment where everyone can relax and enjoy.
The sea in the Lim Fjord is clean and protected, which favors the cultivation of fish and sea flora, and that is why this part of Istria is visited by tourists throughout the year.
The best view of the entire fjord can be seen from the belvedere, or observation platform at the northern entrance. Near the platform there is a road, so it is very easy to reach, and there are also tents where you can taste and buy a variety of traditional delicacies. If you come on a trip to the Lim Fjord in the summer season you will be charged the entrance to the observation ( 10 kn), but certainly this beautiful scenery is worth to seeing.
Among the other attractions in the Lim Fjord is the Romuald cave, about 20,000 years old, known for its numerous large colony of bats. Visits and tours to the Romualdo’s cave are possible only in groups of up to ten people and from May to October.

Be sure to come on the trip to Istria and visit this beautiful Istrian landscape that will convince you to come back.