City of Pula: find out what the sights of Pula

Pula is the largest city in Istria County, located in the southwest part of the peninsula of Istria. It has its own airport which is both national and international destination.


The most famous beach you must visit the “Ambrela” and Hawaii Verudeli, Gortanova Cove on Lungomare, Valkane and Pješčana uvala /Sandy Bay. Near the city is the National park Brijuni. It is an archipelago compromised of two larger islands and 12 smaller ones. If you find yourself in Pula, be sure to visit this National park.

Sights of Pula

This town has many historic buildings and landmarks. The most famous sight of Pula is an ancient Roman Arena, which was used as an amphitheater in the 1st century AD. Today it hosts cultural events.

Other attractions of this Istrian town are the Triumphal Arch from the 1st century AD, the Temple of Rome and Augustus also the 1st century AD , the Twin Gates from the 2nd century AD, Augustinian forum from the 1st century AD, Hercules Gate from the 1st century BC, a small Roman theater from the 2nd century AD, the ruins of the Great Roman theater from the 1st century AD, Castle from the 14th century, the monastery and the church of St. Francis from the 13th century, the Archaeological Museum, the Orthodox church of St. Nicholas from the 6th century, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 6th century, Pula’s fortifications from the 19th century and the Byzantine chapel of St. Maria Formosa in the 6th century.